Our Family

zHi, there. I’m Rachel (Sr., I guess). On my right up there is Will (on your left). He’s turning 11 soon. He’s the bestest big brother ever and actually, I hate to admit, quite a bit smarter than me so I learn a lot from him about everything. To my left, is Rachel Margaret. We took this particular photo during one of our living room floor sleepovers.  I try very hard to keep life here exciting, joyful, and happy. We’re doing pretty well at it, as you can see.

This site is the fundraising effort to give my baby girl Rachel Margaret an autism service dog to enrich her life and allow her access to the community. small donate button

But really? I’m just a newly-single mom of two amazing kids trying to give back to them in kind for all of the joy and beauty they bring to me every day. Amidst the stress of divorce – they always have a smile. When one of them struggles, the other is right there to give an all-out hug-assault and make everything better. I learn more from my babies each day than I ever could have imagined possible. I want to give them this gift of an unconditional furry love to comfort them, teach them, guide them, and stand by their side – just like I do each and every day (but with way less fur).

Why a dog? Because my kids are also loving creatures. They give all of themselves with their hearts, hopes, and dreams. They lead with a smile first, always, and they pass with a lasting impression of grace and joy.

I live to be more like my children.

Thank you so much for taking a moment to be with us here today and to support our efforts to give Rachel Margaret the tools that will assist her in creating an even richer, more intricate life experience.




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