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Money Saving Hack #1 – Foaming Soap  August 11, 2014

We have a lot of money-saving hacks around here at the Kenyon home. We have to. Being a military family living on a modest income was hard enough – now I’m a single mom living on way less trying to keep everything together and I rely on my tricks more than ever.

This hack on Foaming Soap in your home could save you $ONE HUNDRED  or more PER YEAR! $100!!!

In exchange, please consider donating toward the cost of Rachel Margaret’s autism service pup!

It’s a WIN WIN for everyone!


Here’s HOW to beat the soap companies:

Love foaming hand soap??? Me, too!!! Especially with the kids, it is SO much easier to wash their little hands and know that the bubbles are carrying away the nasties.

But foaming soap doesn’t come in wholesale-sized refills.  And that is a scam!!!

But YOU can outsmart them all!  Buy a regular handsoap refill (non-foaming) at your local wholesaler or discount retailer, the biggest jug of soap you can find. Take a foaming soap dispenser that has run empty and fill with only 1/4 of your regular handsoap refill, the rest with water. Shake.

FOAMING SOAP is yours!!! For a FRACTION of the cost! You only need the foaming dispenser, not the foaming soap! You can make the foaming soap yourself!

I have been doing this for years and it works! I have saved hundreds of dollars over the years because the only other way to have foaming hand soap is to buy it one tiny bottle at a time at $2.50 – $4 per bottle. This way you are recycling the foaming bottle and helping to save your wallet and the environment!

Good luck and THANK YOU for returning the favor and helping Rachel Margaret live a better life, too, with an autism service pup from North Star Foundation!

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